Choosing the Best Religion in Conan Exiles: Finding Your Path to Power


What is the best religion in Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles is a popular open-world survival game set in the harsh and unforgiving world of Conan the Barbarian. One of the key features of the game is the ability to choose a religion and follow its teachings in order to gain special abilities and skills. With nine different religions to choose from, it can be a daunting task to decide which one is best suited to your playstyle and objectives.

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Each religion in Conan Exiles offers unique benefits and gameplay mechanics, so it’s important to carefully consider your options before making a decision. Whether you’re looking for increased combat prowess, advanced crafting abilities, or mystical powers, there is a religion that will align with your desires.

Some of the religions in Conan Exiles focus on combat and warfare, offering bonuses to your offensive or defensive capabilities. Others focus on crafting and gathering resources, granting you the ability to create powerful weapons and armor. There are also religions that delve into the mystic and supernatural, allowing you to summon creatures or wield powerful spells.

It’s worth noting that your choice of religion is not permanent in Conan Exiles. You are free to change religions at any time, although doing so will require some effort and resources. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different religions and find the one that best suits your playstyle and objectives.

In conclusion, choosing the best religion in Conan Exiles is a personal decision that should be based on your playstyle and objectives. Consider the unique benefits and gameplay mechanics offered by each religion, and don’t be afraid to experiment and switch religions as you progress through the game. Remember, the path to power and glory is yours to choose in the world of Conan Exiles.

Importance of Religion for Power in Conan Exiles

Religion plays a crucial role in the world of Conan Exiles, as it grants players access to powerful abilities, special weapons, and unique building structures. The choice of religion is an important decision that can greatly impact a player’s path to power.

Each religion in Conan Exiles offers its own unique advantages and playstyle. For example, the religion of Set is centered around poison, stealth, and manipulation, allowing players to weaken their enemies and strike from the shadows. On the other hand, the religion of Mitra focuses on healing and protection, granting players the ability to ward off diseases and bolster their defenses.

By aligning themselves with a specific religion, players not only gain access to different abilities and spells, but they also become part of a larger community. Joining a religious group can provide players with allies and support, as they can work together to protect their sacred temples and engage in PvP battles with rival groups.

Furthermore, religion in Conan Exiles is closely tied to the game’s world lore. Each religion has its own unique backstory and mythology, which adds depth and immersion to the game. By following a particular religion, players can learn more about the world they inhabit and uncover hidden secrets and quests.

Religion also plays a role in the building aspect of the game. Different religions offer specific building pieces and structures that can enhance a player’s base. For example, the religion of Ymir provides access to frost giants and icy-themed building pieces, while the religion of Yog enables players to create gruesome altars and sacrificial pits.

In conclusion, religion is an integral aspect of Conan Exiles that goes beyond mere worship. It provides players with powerful abilities, a sense of community, and deeper immersion into the game’s lore. Choosing the right religion can greatly impact a player’s path to power, making it a decision worth considering carefully.

The Path of Crom: The Strength of Atheism in Conan Exiles

Atheism, the belief in the absence of gods, may seem like an unconventional path to power in the brutal world of Conan Exiles. However, choosing the Path of Crom can offer unique advantages to players who value self-reliance and personal strength.

By eschewing the worship of any deity, followers of Crom reject the notion of relying on divine intervention or supernatural powers. Instead, they place their faith in their own abilities and the strength of their weapons. This philosophy reinforces the importance of physical prowess and personal skill in the savage lands of Conan Exiles.

The Path of Crom encourages players to focus on mastering their combat skills and honing their physical attributes. Without the distractions of religious rituals or divine quests, Crom worshippers are free to dedicate their time to perfecting their swordplay or improving their archery skills. Strength and skill become their most valuable assets.

In addition to the emphasis on personal power, the Path of Crom also promotes a sense of individualism and self-reliance. Worshipers of Crom do not rely on the support of other players or the aid of gods. They forge their own path, recognizing that the true strength lies within themselves. This independence can be liberating, as it frees players from the obligations and expectations that often come with religious affiliations.

While the Path of Crom may lack the supernatural abilities and divine blessings granted by other religions in Conan Exiles, its followers make up for it with their unwavering determination and self-belief. They are hardened warriors who value physical strength above all else and are willing to face any challenge head-on, relying on their own skills and resilience to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Benefits of Following the Path of Crom

The Path of Crom in Conan Exiles offers a unique and daring approach to religion. By following the path of Crom, players experience the thrill of relying solely on their own strength and abilities to survive and conquer the unforgiving world of the Exiled Lands. Choosing to worship Crom means rejecting the assistance of gods and their blessings, but it also comes with its own set of benefits.

1. Pure Self-Reliance: As a follower of Crom, you rely solely on your own strength, skills, and cunning to overcome challenges. This path offers a true test of your abilities and forces you to become self-sufficient, making every victory even more rewarding.

2. No Sacrifices Required: Unlike other religions in Conan Exiles, the Path of Crom does not require any sacrifices or offerings to appease a deity. This means you can focus more on exploring and surviving in the harsh world, without the need to constantly gather resources or perform rituals.

3. Freedom to Choose: By following the Path of Crom, you are not bound by the rules and restrictions that come with worshipping other gods. You have the freedom to forge your own path and make decisions based on your own moral compass, allowing for a more personalized gameplay experience.

4. Immunity to Religious Conflict: In the world of Conan Exiles, conflicts between different religious factions can arise. However, as a worshipper of Crom, you are immune to these conflicts, as you do not align yourself with any specific deity. This can provide a sense of independence and neutrality, allowing you to navigate the world without the burden of religious tensions.

5. Unique Role-Playing Opportunities: Following the Path of Crom opens up unique role-playing opportunities. You can create a character who rejects the notion of relying on divine intervention, and instead embraces the power within themselves. This can lead to interesting storylines and character development, as you carve out your own destiny in the Exiled Lands.

In conclusion, while the Path of Crom in Conan Exiles may not offer the immediate benefits and divine assistance found in other religions, it provides a challenging and empowering experience. Embracing the self-reliance and freedom it offers can lead to a fulfilling and unique gameplay adventure.

The Way of Mitra: Finding Light and Healing in Conan Exiles

The Way of Mitra offers players in Conan Exiles a path to enlightenment, healing, and protection in the harsh and brutal world of the Exiled Lands. Mitra is the god of light and justice, and his followers believe in the power of goodness and compassion.

By choosing Mitra as your religion, you gain access to a variety of powerful abilities and blessings. One of the key abilities of Mitra is the ability to heal yourself and others using the Purification ritual. With this ritual, you can remove corruption and restore health, making it an essential tool for survival.

In addition to the healing powers, followers of Mitra can also summon the Avatar of Mitra in times of need. This giant angelic figure will come to your aid, striking fear into your enemies and providing you with a strong ally in battle.

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Another important aspect of the Way of Mitra is the emphasis on moral values and the pursuit of righteousness. Mitra’s followers are encouraged to act justly, help the weak, and fight against evil. This moral compass can guide players in their interactions with other players and NPCs, shaping their gameplay experience.

Furthermore, Mitra offers a range of decorative items for players to construct, such as statues and altars. These structures not only serve as a representation of devotion but also provide buffs and benefits to those who worship at them.

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In conclusion, the Way of Mitra provides players with a path of light, healing, and moral guidance in Conan Exiles. By following Mitra, players can tap into the power of goodness and compassion, gain access to powerful healing abilities, and forge a path of justice and righteousness in the harsh world of the Exiled Lands.

Advantages of Worshiping Mitra

The worship of Mitra in Conan Exiles offers several advantages for players who choose this religion. From increased healing capabilities to powerful weapons and armor, worshiping Mitra can provide a path to power and success in the harsh world of Conan Exiles.

One of the main advantages of worshiping Mitra is the ability to heal yourself and your allies more effectively. As a follower of Mitra, you gain access to a variety of healing miracles that can restore health and remove various afflictions. This can be especially useful during combat, allowing you to sustain yourself and keep fighting for longer.

In addition to healing, worshiping Mitra also provides access to powerful weapons and armor. Mitra’s followers can learn to craft and wield special weapons infused with holy light, granting them increased damage against undead creatures and other unholy enemies. Furthermore, Mitra’s armor offers increased protection and can resist certain types of damage, making you more resilient in battle.

Another advantage of worshiping Mitra is the ability to create a special altar dedicated to this deity. This altar allows you to perform rituals and sacrifices to gain favor with Mitra, unlocking various benefits such as increased healing speed, stamina regeneration, and reduced corruption. This can greatly enhance your survivability and effectiveness in the game.

Lastly, worshiping Mitra can also grant you access to specific religious recipes and items. These include special crafting recipes for structures and decorative items that are themed around Mitra’s faith. These unique items can help you create a distinctive base or settlement that reflects your devotion to Mitra.

  • Increased healing capabilities: Access to healing miracles for self and allies.
  • Powerful weapons and armor: Holy weapons and armor with increased damage and protection.
  • Special altar: Perform rituals and sacrifices for favor and benefits.
  • Religious recipes and items: Crafting recipes for Mitra-themed structures and decorations.

In summary, worshiping Mitra in Conan Exiles offers advantages such as improved healing, powerful weaponry, a special altar for rituals, and access to unique religious recipes and items. These benefits can give players a significant advantage in combat and survival, making Mitra a compelling choice for those seeking power and success in the game.

The Pleasure Cult of Derketo: Embracing Lust and Seduction in Conan Exiles

The Pleasure Cult of Derketo is one of the religions available for players to choose from in the world of Conan Exiles. This decadent and seductive cult is centered around the worship of the goddess Derketo, who embodies the principles of pleasure, lust, and seduction.

In the world of Conan Exiles, where survival is often harsh and unforgiving, the Pleasure Cult of Derketo offers a reprieve from the hardships of the world. They believe that by embracing pleasure and indulging in their desires, they can attain power and transcendence.

Followers of the Pleasure Cult of Derketo engage in various rituals and practices to honor their goddess. These include sensual dances, orgies, and other acts of sexual liberation. They also offer sacrifices to Derketo in the form of food, wine, and other luxurious items.

In addition to their indulgent rituals, the Pleasure Cult of Derketo also provides their followers with practical benefits. By aligning themselves with the goddess of lust, cultists gain access to unique crafting recipes and skills related to seduction and manipulation.

However, it is important to note that the Pleasure Cult of Derketo is not without its dangers. The pursuit of pleasure and seduction can lead to excess and moral decay. As a result, followers of Derketo must be careful not to lose themselves in their desires, lest they become slaves to their own vices.

In conclusion, the Pleasure Cult of Derketo offers players a unique and captivating religious path to explore in the world of Conan Exiles. By embracing lust and seduction, followers gain access to both sensual pleasures and practical advantages. However, it is important for cultists to exercise caution and self-control to avoid falling into the pitfalls of excess and moral corruption.

Perks of Joining the Pleasure Cult of Derketo

Becoming a member of the Pleasure Cult of Derketo in Conan Exiles comes with several perks that make it an enticing choice for players seeking power and pleasure.

First and foremost, Derketo offers her followers the ability to craft the pleasure placeables, including the Pleasure Dome and the Pleasure Tent. These structures not only provide a luxurious and decadent environment but also grant various bonuses to those who indulge in their pleasures.

Another perk of joining the Pleasure Cult is the ability to learn unique Feats that are exclusive to Derketo’s followers. These Feats include the Kiss of the Serpent, which grants increased seduction and charm capabilities, and the Dance of Derketo, which enhances agility and grace in combat.

In addition to tangible benefits, being a part of the Pleasure Cult of Derketo also allows players to immerse themselves in a compelling role-playing experience. The rituals and ceremonies of Derketo involve sensuality and pleasure, creating a unique and immersive gameplay experience for those who choose to worship her.

Furthermore, Derketo’s favor can be obtained by performing certain actions, such as crafting specific items or donating offerings at her shrines. This favor can be used to acquire powerful blessings and benefits that enhance the player’s combat prowess and survival abilities.

Lastly, joining the Pleasure Cult of Derketo allows players to align themselves with a community of like-minded individuals. By joining a clan or engaging in role-playing activities, players can connect with others who share their devotion to pleasure and power, creating a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

In conclusion, the Pleasure Cult of Derketo offers a unique and enticing path for players in Conan Exiles. From the luxurious structures and exclusive Feats to the immersive role-playing experience and powerful blessings, joining this cult promises a world of pleasure, power, and connection with fellow worshippers.


Which religion in Conan Exiles provides the most powerful abilities?

The religion that provides the most powerful abilities in Conan Exiles is debatable and can vary depending on the player’s playstyle and preferences. However, some players believe that the religion of Set, which focuses on poison and assassination, provides the most powerful abilities in terms of damage and crowd control. Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide which religion suits their playstyle best.

What are the benefits of choosing the religion of Mitra in Conan Exiles?

The religion of Mitra in Conan Exiles provides various benefits to players. Some of the main benefits include the ability to summon a healing radius that restores health to players and their allies, the ability to craft exceptional healing potions, and the ability to remove corruption from the player. Choosing the religion of Mitra can be a good choice for players who value support and healing abilities.

How can I unlock the religion of Ymir in Conan Exiles?

To unlock the religion of Ymir in Conan Exiles, players must first find and interact with an NPC called The Forgotten Tribe. This NPC can be found in certain locations, such as the Frost Temple or the Mounds of the Dead. Once players have interacted with The Forgotten Tribe, they will be able to learn the religion of Ymir and start building altars and unlocking related feats.

Is it possible to change religions in Conan Exiles?

Yes, it is possible to change religions in Conan Exiles. Players can change religions by finding and interacting with a different religious NPC and learning their religion. However, it is important to note that players can only have one active religion at a time, and switching religions will result in the loss of access to any previously unlocked feats and abilities from the previous religion.

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