Eternatus' Weakness: Which Type has the Advantage?


What type is Eternatus weak to?

Eternatus, the legendary Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield, has quickly become one of the most formidable opponents in the game. With its unique Poison/Dragon type combination and powerful moves, Eternatus poses a challenge for even the most skilled trainers. However, like all Pokémon, it is not without its weaknesses.

When facing off against Eternatus, trainers must consider the type advantages and disadvantages in order to have the best chance of defeating it. While Eternatus may be a dual type, it is predominantly a Poison type Pokémon. This means that it is weak to several types of moves, including Psychic and Ground types.

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Pokémon with Psychic type moves have a clear advantage against Eternatus, as they deal double damage. Moves like Psychic and Psyshock can quickly whittle down Eternatus’ health, making it vulnerable to defeat. Ground type Pokémon and moves, such as Earthquake, also have a type advantage and can deal significant damage.

On the other hand, trainers should be cautious when using Fairy, Dragon, and Poison type moves against Eternatus. These types are not very effective and may deal less damage than anticipated. It is important to strategize and choose moves that take advantage of Eternatus’ weaknesses in order to defeat it effectively.

Eternatus’ Weakness: Which Type has the Advantage?

When it comes to battling Eternatus, the legendary Pokemon from the Galar region, knowing its weaknesses is crucial. Eternatus is a Poison/Dragon type, making it vulnerable to certain types of moves. Let’s take a closer look at which types have the advantage against Eternatus.

Eternatus’ primary weakness is Fairy-type moves. Fairy-type moves are super effective against both Poison and Dragon types, which means they deal double the damage to Eternatus. So, if you have a Pokemon with Fairy-type moves in your team, you’re in a great position to take down Eternatus.

Additionally, Eternatus is also weak to Ice-type moves. Ice-type moves are super effective against Dragon types, so they will also deal increased damage to Eternatus. Having a Pokemon with Ice-type moves can be a great asset in battling Eternatus.

On the other hand, Eternatus has several resistances that make it tough to defeat. As a Poison/Dragon type, Eternatus is immune to Poison-type moves, which means they won’t have any effect on it. It is also resistant to Grass, Electric, Water, and Bug-type moves, so using Pokemon with these types of moves may not be the most effective strategy.

In summary, Fairy-type and Ice-type moves have the advantage against Eternatus, dealing increased damage to this powerful Pokemon. However, it’s important to consider Eternatus’ resistances and plan your team accordingly to have the best chance of defeating it.

Understanding Eternatus

Eternatus is a Legendary Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It is a Poison/Dragon type, and its unique status as a Legendary makes it a powerful foe to encounter.

As a Poison type, Eternatus is particularly weak to Ground and Psychic type attacks. Ground type moves have a 4x advantage against Eternatus, dealing massive damage. Psychic type moves also have a 2x advantage, making them a good option for dealing with this formidable opponent.

Additionally, Eternatus is weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type moves, which all have a 2x advantage. Ice types can exploit Eternatus’ vulnerability to freeze it in its tracks. Dragon type moves will also hit Eternatus hard, as it shares its Dragon typing. Fairy type moves, on the other hand, provide an advantage due to their resistance against Eternatus’ Poison type attacks.

It’s important to note that Eternatus has a unique ability called “Pressure,” which makes it difficult to take down. This ability increases the PP cost of the opponent’s moves, making it harder to launch powerful attacks. Players must come prepared with a solid strategy and Pokémon that can exploit its weaknesses to have the best chance of defeating Eternatus.

In conclusion, understanding Eternatus’ weaknesses is crucial when battling this Legendary Pokémon. Ground, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy types all have advantages against Eternatus, providing opportunities for trainers to exploit and defeat this formidable opponent.

Eternatus’ Type

Eternatus is a Dragon/Poison-type Pokémon introduced in the generation 8 games.

As a Dragon-type, Eternatus has access to a wide range of powerful Dragon-type moves, such as Dragon Pulse and Draco Meteor. These moves can deal significant damage to many types of Pokémon, especially those that are weak to Dragon-type attacks, such as Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-types.

However, Eternatus is also a Poison-type Pokémon, which gives it additional advantages and weaknesses. Poison-type moves, such as Sludge Bomb and Toxic, can be effective against Fairy, Grass, and other Poison-type Pokémon. Additionally, Eternatus is immune to the Poison status condition, which means it cannot be poisoned by the moves of other Pokémon.

On the other hand, Eternatus is weak to a few different types, including Psychic, Ground, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy. Psychic-type moves, such as Psychic and Psyshock, can deal super effective damage to Eternatus, as can Ground-type moves like Earthquake. Ice-type moves, like Ice Beam and Ice Fang, are also strong against Eternatus. Finally, both Dragon and Fairy-type moves have some effectiveness against Eternatus.

In conclusion, Eternatus’ Dragon and Poison typing gives it a good amount of versatility in battle. It can deal significant damage to a variety of Pokémon, especially those weak to Dragon-type attacks. However, it also has a number of weaknesses that opponents can exploit, so trainers should be careful to use it strategically and protect it from moves that are super effective against it.

Countering Eternatus

When it comes to countering Eternatus, trainers need to consider its unique combination of Dragon and Poison typing. This makes it weak to a few different types, including Ice, Fairy, Ground, Psychic, and Dragon. However, trainers should be cautious as Eternatus also has access to a wide range of moves that can cover its weaknesses and pose a threat to its counters.

One effective strategy against Eternatus is to use an Ice-type Pokemon. Ice-type moves are super effective against both Dragon and Poison types, making them a great choice to deal heavy damage to Eternatus. Pokemon such as Lapras, Kyurem, and Weavile can be good options with their high base power Ice-type moves.

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Fairy-type Pokemon are also strong counters to Eternatus. Fairy-type moves are super effective against Dragon types, causing significant damage. Pokemon like Togekiss, Gardevoir, and Mimikyu can be key players in countering Eternatus with their Fairy-type moves and resistances to Poison-type moves.

Ground-type Pokemon have an advantage against Eternatus due to their immunity to Electric-type moves and their effectiveness against Poison types. Pokemon such as Excadrill, Garchomp, and Flygon can bring the fight to Eternatus with their strong Ground-type moves.

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Psychic-type Pokemon can also be effective against Eternatus. While they may not have a type advantage, Psychic-type moves deal neutral damage to Eternatus and can exploit its lower Defense stat. Pokemon like Alakazam, Espeon, and Metagross can use their Psychic-type moves to whittle down Eternatus’ health.

Finally, trainers can also consider using Dragon-type Pokemon against Eternatus. While Eternatus is also a Dragon type, using other Dragon-type Pokemon can create a neutral matchup and potentially exploit its weaknesses to other types. Pokemon like Dragapult, Hydreigon, and Salamence can use their Dragon-type moves to deal significant damage to Eternatus.

In conclusion, trainers looking to counter Eternatus should consider using Ice, Fairy, Ground, Psychic, or Dragon types. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages, so trainers should carefully assess their team and choose their counters wisely. Remember, Eternatus is a formidable opponent, so a well-planned strategy and a diverse team will be key to success.

Priority Moves

Priority moves are a special type of Pokémon moves that allow the user to attack first, regardless of their speed stat. These moves can be extremely useful in battle, as they can help you gain the upper hand and potentially defeat your opponent before they have a chance to attack.

There are several priority moves in the Pokémon games, each with its own unique effects and advantages. One example is the move “Quick Attack,” which is a common priority move that many Pokémon can learn. This move allows the user to attack first and deal damage to the opponent, regardless of their speed stat. Another example is the move “Extreme Speed,” which is a powerful priority move that can deal a significant amount of damage to the opponent.

Priority moves can be especially useful when facing off against a Pokémon with a high speed stat or a move that has a slow animation. By using a priority move, you can ensure that you attack first and potentially take out your opponent before they have a chance to deal any damage to your Pokémon.

It’s important to note that not all priority moves have the same priority level. Some moves, such as “Quick Attack,” have a higher priority level and will always go first, while others, like “Mach Punch,” have a lower priority level and will only go first if the opponent does not use a higher priority move.

Overall, priority moves can be a powerful tool in battle and can give you a significant advantage over your opponent. It’s important to consider the type of Pokémon you are battling against and their moveset when deciding whether to use a priority move or not.

Team Strategies against Eternatus

Eternatus is a powerful Dragon/Poison type Pokémon, making it vulnerable to several types of attacks. Building a team with a variety of Pokémon that can exploit these weaknesses is crucial in defeating Eternatus.

First and foremost, Fairy type Pokémon are highly effective against Eternatus. Their Fairy type moves deal double damage to both Dragon and Poison types, making them a top choice for taking down Eternatus quickly. Pokémon such as Togekiss or Gardevoir, with moves like Dazzling Gleam or Moonblast, can deal significant damage.

Additionally, Eternatus is weak to Ground and Ice type moves. Ground type Pokémon like Garchomp or Excadrill can use moves like Earthquake to exploit this weakness. Ice type Pokémon like Lapras or Glaceon can use moves such as Ice Beam or Blizzard to deal heavy damage.

Another strategy is to use Pokémon with moves that can exploit Eternatus’ low Special Defense stat. Special attackers like Hydreigon or Alakazam, with moves like Draco Meteor or Psychic, can take advantage of this weakness and deal substantial damage.

It’s also important to consider Eternatus’ Dynamax form. During this phase, Eternatus becomes a Dragon/Poison type with a Gigantamax form. When Dynamaxed, Eternatus becomes even more powerful, with increased stats and access to powerful Max Moves. It’s crucial to have Pokémon with strong defenses and resistance to Dragon and Poison type moves to withstand these attacks.

Lastly, a strategy for dealing with Eternatus is to focus on status effects. Pokémon with moves like Thunder Wave or Toxic can inflict paralysis or poisoning, respectively, on Eternatus. These status effects can hinder Eternatus’ ability to attack effectively, giving your team an advantage in battle.

In conclusion, building a team with Fairy, Ground, Ice, and Special attackers, as well as Pokémon with strong defenses and status effect moves, can give you the best chance of defeating Eternatus. It’s important to exploit its weaknesses, withstand its powerful Dynamax form, and utilize strategies that can hinder its attacks. Good luck!


What are the weaknesses of Eternatus?

Eternatus is a Poison/Dragon type Pokémon, so it is weak against Ice, Ground, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy type moves.

Can Eternatus be defeated by a Electric type Pokémon?

No, Electric type moves are not effective against Eternatus because it is a Poison/Dragon type Pokémon.

Which type has the greatest advantage against Eternatus?

The types that have the greatest advantage against Eternatus are Ice, Ground, and Psychic. These types are super effective against Eternatus and can deal a lot of damage.

Are there any moves that can counter Eternatus’ weaknesses?

Yes, there are moves like Earthquake and Blizzard that can counter Eternatus’ weaknesses. Earthquake is a Ground type move that can deal a lot of damage to Eternatus, while Blizzard is an Ice type move that can also be super effective.

Is there any type that is immune to Eternatus’ attacks?

No, there is no type that is immune to Eternatus’ attacks. However, Fairy type Pokémon are resistant to its Dragon type moves, which can reduce the amount of damage taken.

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